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Kids Who Watch TV near Bedtime Sleep Less

New research shows that watching TV, playing video games or using the computer near bedtime makes children sleep less because it takes them longer to initiate sleep. Study leader Louise Foley, a researcher at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, and her team looked into the relationship between screen viewing habits of children ages 5 to 18,  1 ½ hours (90 minutes) before bedtime and how long it took them to fall asleep. They found that children who spent more screen time before bedtime had more difficulty falling asleep. Experts say that the long-term effect may be a sleep […]

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How Parents Should Confront a Kid’s Weight Issue

Many parents of obese children hesitate to talk to their children about their weight issues, according to childhood obesity expert Dr. Joanna Dolgoff. She advises parents to acknowledge and confront the issue because childhood obesity can lead to a lifetime of health and emotional problems. Dolgoff, a New York-based pediatrician is serving as a medical consultant in the new season of the NBC reality weight-loss show “The Biggest Loser.” Although the program, which now includes obese adolescents, has generated a lot of controversy from critics, Dolgoff asserts that the program may initiate a national dialogue to tackle the problem of […]

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Children Bullied Over Health Issues

Two studies published recently in Pediatrics show that bullying over health issues is common among schoolchildren, and that those who suffer from food allergies or are seeking treatment for obesity are most likely to be targeted. One study reports that about one-third of children with food allergies are harassed specifically due to their food allergies and are threatened by bullies with the offending allergen. Eyal Shemesh, MD, of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, and colleagues analyzed surveys conducted on 251 children with established food allergy, who were aged 8 to 17, and their parents. They were being […]

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Researchers at the Complutense University of Madrid recently published a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which examined the effects of maternal diet on fetal growth and the baby’s risk for developing diabetes. While previous studies have shown how an inadequate maternal diet can reduce glucose supply to the fetus and impede growth, author Francisco J. Sánchez-Muniz explains that the effects of an imbalance in proteins, carbohydrate and fats in the mother’s diet on fetal growth is not well-known. The study formed part of the Estudio Mérida project which investigates various parameters in mothers and their newborns. Although […]

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Healthy Snacks Mean Fewer Calories for Children

Researchers at Cornell University found that children are more likely to consume fewer calories if they eat nutrient-dense snacks, such as vegetables and cheese, compared to less nutritious snacks like potato chips. Brian Wansink, PhD, and fellow researchers recently published their study in Pediatrics, showing that children who ate vegetables for snacks needed fewer calories to achieve satiety than those who ate potato chips. In the study, 201 children were randomly assigned to take one of four different snacks while watching TV: vegetables only, cheese only, potato chips only, or a combination snack of vegetables and cheese. The children were […]

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