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Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire believe that foods marketed to children in UK supermarkets are less healthy compared to those marketed to the general population. They question the necessity for more guidelines to regulate entry of these foods into the market. The European government has expressed concern over the rising childhood obesity across the country giving more attention to reducing the advertisement of products with high fat, sugar, and/or salt levels directly to children.  The research found out that the so-called ‘healthy foods’ such as yoghurts, cereal bars and ready meals were still found to contain high fat, sugar, […]

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Carnitine Supplement for Kids with Heart Defects

A recent laboratory study suggests that a common health supplement called carnitine may help improve the survival of children born with heart defects. Dr. Stephen M. Black, cell and molecular physiologist at the Vascular Biology Center at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University reports that carnitine may play a role in normalizing blood vessel dysfunction associated with in-born heart defects. Studies show that about one in 125 babies is born with a heart defect annually in the United States. Half of these babies suffer from a complication related to the increase in pressure in the pulmonary blood […]

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Why Kids Should Play More Outdoors

Children who play outdoors not only get enough vitamin D from sunlight exposure, they also reduce their stress and boost their immunity. Jennifer Shu, M.D., medical editor of advises planning outdoor activities together or making outdoor play a part of family traditions. One of the well-recognized benefits of increasing physical activity is reduction of obesity risk. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends limiting kids’ time spent on computers and TV to two hours daily and getting them outdoors, instead to reduce their odds of becoming overweight or obese. Aside from this, they also benefit from being exposed to […]

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Raising Smarter Kids

Intelligence may be determined by the genetic material one inherits, but many studies show that it can be enhanced by the environment and by certain health habits. This is why many parents and educators use brain games like riddles, crosswords, and chess to train children to perform mental exercises. These activities can promote skills in problem-solving, strategic thinking, and decision-making. Researchers at the University of Toronto also found that children who take music lessons have better academic performance and higher IQs. Aside from mental exercises, research shows that promoting healthy habits like eating breakfast every morning improves children’s memory, learning, […]

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Eating Small Frequent Meals for Thinner Kids

Mary Yannakoulia, PhD, of Harokopio University in Athens, and colleagues report ant children and teens who eat more than just three meals a day are 20% less likely of being overweight or obese, especially in boys. The study, which was recently published in Pediatrics, involved a meta-analysis of 10 cross-sectional studies and one case-control study, which included about 19,000 children ages 2 to 19 years. The study covered different countries, including the US, Brazil and Mediterranean countries. Most studies used self-reports or caregiver reports of eating frequency, which compared the standard three meals with four to five or more eating […]

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