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Good Eating Habits to Live Longer

Research shows that to live a long life, it is not enough to have good genetic background or eat just certain foods. Studies show that people who practice good eating habits live longer, healthier lives.

One way to improve one’s blood pressure and blood lipid levels is to lose about 5-10% of excess body weight.  To maintain a good body weight and reduce one’s risk for diabetes, one can use a simple math formula: multiple your current body weight with 12 and subtract 500. The result is the number of calories one must consume daily in order to lose one pound per week. Subtracting 1000 (instead of 500) will lead to two pounds weight loss per week. However, one must take care not to go below 1200 calories per day to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Registered dietitian Karen Ansel points out that a 2009 study published in the Journal of Nutrition, which involved 350,000 Americans, the death rate was 20% lower in people who consumed low-fat dairy, lean meat, and other solid fats. It is therefore recommended that one choose to eat cheese sparingly and opt for nonfat or 1% milk instead of whole milk or 2% milk.

A 2011 study in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that increasing ones intake of whole-grains could prolong life. Researchers believe that the fiber from whole grains reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular, respiratory, and infectious diseases. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating at least half of all the grains consumed as whole grains. To eat more fiber, substitute whole-grain bread for white bread, eat oatmeal in place of cream of wheat, and brown rice instead of white rice.



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