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More TV Time, Lower Sperm Counts

Researchers have identified two possible factors that may have great impact on the sperm count of men.  The study revealed that men who are physically active and watched TV the least have higher sperm counts versus those who spent more time watching TV. The findings of Audrey J. Gaskins, doctoral student and colleagues were reported online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The study evaluated the association of television watching and physical activity with the sperm count and concentration among young, healthy men.

There were several previous studies on adverse effect on the quality of semen relative to sedentary lifestyle. However, the authors noted inconsistencies on the data and the relationship of watching TV as well as physical activity with the sperm quality remain unexplored.

The research team of Gaskin therefore studied 222 male college students with ages 18 to 22 to address the issue. The participants reported their viewing habits and the number of hours spent in physical activity over the three months as well as its intensity. The participants provided semen specimen during a clinic visit.

The final investigation included 189 participants with complete data. Analysis of the data showed that men who watched TV the least had sperm concentrations 14% to 44% higher than men who watched a lot of TV.  Similarly, moderate to vigorous physical activity had a significant positive association with sperm count and concentration.

However, no association was found between TV watching and physical activity and the sperm quality and fertility.  According to Gaskins, TV watching and physical activity were not significantly correlated thereby suggesting independent effects on sperm and semen characteristics.


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