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Vitamins Plus Chelation Improves Heart Attack Outcomes

In a recent clinical trial session namely the TACT (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy) Vitamin trial, researchers found that heart attack patients who were given high doses of vitamins combined with chelation therapy were significantly less likely to reach a combined cardiovascular endpoint over 5 years compared to those who had placebo in both instances. Cardiovascular endpoints refer to death, heart attack, coronary revascularization, stroke, or hospitalization for angina.

The TACT trial finding surprised everyone when it was presented at the American Heart Association meeting as it appeared unsettling to many cardiologists who had been dismissive of chelation.

Most chelation practitioners will simultaneously use high doses of vitamins and minerals with chelation.  As such, the trial was conducted in a 2-by-2 factorial fashion, which means that once the patients were randomized to either therapy or placebo, they were randomized as well to either high-dose vitamins or placebo.

In terms of primary endpoint between those on vitamins and those on placebo, Gervasio Lamas, MD  and team found no difference.  There were no substantial differences found as well in any individual component of the primary endpoint. However, among the four groups, the research team found that there was a significantly reduced risk of primary endpoint for those who had vitamin and chelation versus those who had placebo in both instances.

According to Lamas, this trial needs further research as the method of combining high-dose vitamins and chelation therapy might be beneficial to patients are unclear, although after equating the results of the trials (phase I and II), he thinks that said method based TACT has now become a novel hypothesis.  Though he still warned that they are far from carrying this novel hypothesis and applying it to patients.



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