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Working Out after a Bout of Flu

Personal trainer and fitness specialist, Joe Berg, explains that although exercise helps boost the immune system, people who are sick should refrain from strenuous exercise and intense conditioning. If it is a viral infection, workout sessions should be kept short and less intense. During recovery period, people should take it slowly when returning to the usual routine workout. Berg suggests light workouts including plank exercise.

People who are recovering can start with light aerobics such as cycling at an easy pace, walking, body weight squats, pushups and planks. When doing the plank exercise, weight should rest on the forearms with elbows directly beneath the shoulders. Body should be kept in a straight line from head to toe.

Berg explains that the recommended exercise during recovery covers the most of the body muscles. If done in moderation, this can help the immune system.

According to Valerie Walkowiak, medical integration coordinator of a fitness center, during the cold and flu season, people can do workouts at home or just outside their house especially for those concerned about contacting germs in the gym.

If weather permits, people can do cardio exercises outside such as running or walking but should wear proper clothes appropriate for the weather.

When it is not possible to do outdoor exercises due to inclement weather, Walkowiak recommends climbing the stairs or doing jumping jacks or jogging in place to raise heart rate. She further recommended creating a training routine by alternating 2 to 3 minutes of cardio exercises with 30-60 seconds of push-ups, squats, heel raises or seated rows.

Walkowiak even suggested using household items like soup cans, a gallon of water jug, or body weight for added resistance in the absence of training equipment like dumbbells or bands.


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