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The New Atkins Diet Plan – Was He Right or is it Really Dangerous?


Posted Tuesday, Feb. 15th, 2011

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With over 10,000,000 copies sold of his book, the late Dr. Atkins was truly a revolutionary when it came to weight loss advice – everything he said flew in the face of conventional wisdom.

Was he truly a revolutionary that had stumbled upon the key to trigger fat burning or was he a misguided quack out to make a quick buck?

Well, much to the chagrin of virtually every conventionally trained doctor, nutritionist and other “health expert”, the latest science (plus some really old forgotten science) has in fact validated his approach.

But there is a problem – while Atkins has been vindicated in his extremely low-carb approach, he completely neglects to address 2 critically important points that can make his plan potentially dangerous to your health.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why Atkins’ Diet is So Effective at Burning Fat…

The premise behind Dr. Atkins’ diet is that by restricting the amount of carbs that you eat, you force your body to burn stored fat for energy as opposed to stored carbs (glucose) – a process known as ketosis.

Not only that, by restricting carbs that quickly turn into sugar, in addition to accelerating fat loss, you also much better regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels, which in turn automatically controls your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Recent scientific research has validated what Dr. Atkins has said. We don’t have enough room in this article to go into detail on this, but you can find all of the scientific references and rationale in the excellent book Why We Get Fat, by New York Times science writer Gary Taubes.

Moreover, if you know anyone who has gone on this type of carb-restricted diet, you’ll know that it works and it works quickly and that there is a much higher likelihood of keeping the weight off.

But, there are some problems that get very little publicity…problems that could make it potentially dangerous to your health for a whole set of reasons that the mainstream Atkins’ critics completely miss.

The 2 Big Problems with the Atkins Diet that Make it Potentially Dangerous to Your Health…

While we commend Dr. Atkins for having the courage to so passionately and aggressively preach his seemingly contradictory – but scientifically accurate — stance on how to burn fat, there are 2 major shortcomings that you need to be aware of that could have a dramatic impact on your health.

Problem #1: Quality of Protein

Nowhere in his books will you find Dr. Atkins focusing on the quality of protein that you should eat. This is incredibly important because much of the meat, fish or fowl that’s raised through conventional means is loaded with toxins and synthetic hormones that wreak havoc on your biology.

For example, cows raised on feedlots are shot full of antibiotics and hormones such as rBGH to increase milk production. But these toxins have been shown in humans to accelerate the onset of puberty (some girls are now experiencing it as early at 7!), cause developmental problems, interfere with the reproductive system and even lead to the development of breast, prostate and colon cancer.

What’s worse, is not only are these animal proteins loaded with toxins, they also contain much lower amounts of essential vitamins and minerals that you body needs to function optimally.

Problem #2: Quality of Fat

Similarly, Atkins never strongly differentiates about what type of fat you should be eating, which goes hand in hand with the quality of protein. He doesn’t mention the toxic fats such as trans-fats, which have been linked to everything from heart disease to high blood pressure to type 2 diabetes, reproductive problems and even cancer and dementia.

Although there has been a recent public backlash against transfats, there are still found everywhere from fast food, to package foods to “health foods”. While nutrition labels are now required to disclose the existing of transfats, a food that has less than .5 grams per serving can read 0 transfats.

How to Have Your Cake And Eat it Too (Joking of Course!)…

The bottom line is that Atkins was right and has been vindicated by research on our ancestral/evolutionary roots, controlled studies that compare the effectiveness of various diets and the latest scientific research into what controls how much fat we store or burn.

HOWEVER, Atkins missed the boat on the quality of the fat and protein that he recommends, both of which can have a tremendous impact on your health.

Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple – make sure that you are eating the cleanest protein and fat that you can find, either from natural, organic or preferably pasture-raised or wild animals or fish. This is more expensive than conventionally raised fats/proteins, but the extra expense will pale in comparison to the extra health and slimmer waist that you’ll see as a result.

But Atkins’ plan still leaves out a few critical steps of the puzzle when it comes to staying fit, trim, happy and healthy for good…steps that could make all the difference in the world to keeping the weight off for good.

For example, he doesn’t incorporate the RIGHT exercise, which, when done right, can also help to re-program your body for accelerated fat loss. As another example, he doesn’t incorporate enough techniques to battle addictions to food, which have been shown to be just as powerful, if not more powerful, than addictions to drugs like cocaine, heroin and even tobacco.

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