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Astragalus: Cancer-Fighting Herb Shows Promise

Could an ancient Chinese secret hold the answer for people debilitated by a very modern disease? That’s the promise of this herb that’s been used for millennia by practitioners of Chinese medicine and other traditional healing systems. In fact, the Chinese view it as the most important of all tonic herbs.  Often combined with other plant-based remedies, this humble root is said to strengthen the immune system, protect against the effects of stress, and treat various health conditions. But recent scientific research suggests another benefit: Taken in supplement form, his herb may be a useful therapy for people with cancer.

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Many a gardener has aimed his or her trowel at this humble weed, eager to free an otherwise pristine lawn of its unsightly green leaves and telltale yellow flowers. But there may be more to this pesky plant than meets the eye. Could those leaves be a nutritious addition to your salad? Will teas and tonics made from its roots help boost immunity, support your liver, or even protect against cancer? Might the plant – whose Latin name translates to “Official Remedy of Disorders” – even promote psychic powers? Here’s everything you need to decide whether to cultivate this weed, […]

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Butterbur: Relieve the Pain of Migraines With This

It’s an herb you might be just as likely to see in dramatic historical recreations like Colonial Williamsburg or Plymouth Plantation as in your local health-food store. Back in our country’s early days, settlers used the leaves of this common plant to wrap up freshly churned butter, keeping the food product cool during warm summer months. In the age of refrigeration, though, its reputation is more medicinal than culinary. In fact, supplements of the herb are highly valued for their ability to prevent and treat two very different health concerns: migraine headaches and hay fever. The science behind these uses […]

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It’s known for its painful, spiky leaves.  In ancient Ireland, it was referred to as “The Devil’s Apron”.  Its very name suggests its needle-like appearance. Sounds pretty dangerous, right? So why on earth would you want to add this prickly plant to your supplement regimen? Well, what if I told you that people have been relying on this herb since ancient times for its healing properties? It doesn’t sound quite so menacing anymore.  In fact, this supplement sounds like it could be downright beneficial. But what does the science say?

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If any food lives up to the nickname “wonder tree”, it’s this plant. Its leaves look like spinach, its pods look like green beans, but its nutritional profile makes it more powerful than both of those vegetables put together. Need to bone up on calcium? This plant has four times more than milk. It’s higher in vitamin C than oranges, higher in vitamin A than carrots, and higher in potassium than banana. It’s even a great plant-based source of protein, and appears to contain compounds that might lower cholesterol, kill germs, and fight cancer. If this food is great, supplements […]

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