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Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire believe that foods marketed to children in UK supermarkets are less healthy compared to those marketed to the general population. They question the necessity for more guidelines to regulate entry of these foods into the market. The European government has expressed concern over the rising childhood obesity across the country giving more attention to reducing the advertisement of products with high fat, sugar, and/or salt levels directly to children.  The research found out that the so-called ‘healthy foods’ such as yoghurts, cereal bars and ready meals were still found to contain high fat, sugar, […]

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The U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that childhood obesity rates have risen dramatically over the past three decades, with children being affected more than twice, and adolescents being affected three times more often than before. This has resulted in the increase in frequency of diseases and conditions previously only seen in adults, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Dr. Sharon Saydah, a CDC senior scientist, now report, in the recently published journal Pediatrics, that the combination of obesity, high blood sugar levels and smoking can significantly increase a young adult’s and […]

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How Parents Should Confront a Kid’s Weight Issue

Many parents of obese children hesitate to talk to their children about their weight issues, according to childhood obesity expert Dr. Joanna Dolgoff. She advises parents to acknowledge and confront the issue because childhood obesity can lead to a lifetime of health and emotional problems. Dolgoff, a New York-based pediatrician is serving as a medical consultant in the new season of the NBC reality weight-loss show “The Biggest Loser.” Although the program, which now includes obese adolescents, has generated a lot of controversy from critics, Dolgoff asserts that the program may initiate a national dialogue to tackle the problem of […]

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Reduce Weight Gain by Cutting Sugary Drinks

Two studies which were simultaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine recently show that limiting children’s intake of sugary beverages can help reduce weight gain, thereby providing support for public health guidelines to such effect. In the first study called the DRINK trial, Martijn Katan, MD, PhD, of VU University Amsterdam and his colleagues gave more than 600 normal-weight school children (with an average age of 8 years) either a sugary beverage or sugar-free (artificially sweetened) drink daily for 18 months. The drinks were indistinguishable from one another and contained 104 and zero calories, respectively. At the end […]

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A preliminary study recently published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics suggests that educating parents to put less pressure on their children to eat certain foods can help reduce childhood obesity. The educational approach was based on “division of responsibility” (DOR), where parents are responsible for providing and serving food, while children take responsibility for deciding whether or not to eat and how much to eat. The study was conducted by Dr. W. Stewart Agras of Stanford University and colleagues, who enrolled 62 families having at least one overweight or obese parent and a child aged 2-4 years […]

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