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Why Eat Raw Foods?

Experts from Harvard University reveal that cooking food can increase the amount of calories the body absorbs. Richard Wrangham, Ph.D., a Harvard professor says that cooking food increases our food-energy surplus and helps release some nutrients in food. But cooking ‘predigests’ food so the body does not have to burn many calories breaking it down, according to Rachel Carmody, a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard and lead author of the study. Chewing raw food makes one eat more slowly and releases a satiety hormone called cholecystokinin and lowers levels of ghrelin, a hormone that increases appetite, as shown by a study […]

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Researchers from the University of Alberta surveyed parents to assess the dietary habits of 1,800 preschoolers in the Edmonton region. The study, which is among the first to involve young children, is part of a larger study on diet, physical activity and obesity. Researchers, led by Kate Storey, a registered dietitian and assistant professor in the School of Public Health, found that consumption of sugary soda and juice among these kids is quite common, especially in those coming from low-income neighborhoods. Compared to kids from higher socioeconomic backgrounds, these 4-5 year old kids drank less milk and consumed more soda […]

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