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A study led by Richard Rosenkranz, assistant professor, analyzed the relation of sitting time and chronic diseases in middle-aged Australian males. The findings showed that the more time was spent in sitting as indicated by the participants, the more reported chronic diseases increased. This study is especially relevant to office desk workers as well as those who have prolonged sitting time like truck drivers. The study involved more than 60,000 males from New South Wales with ages ranging from 45 to 65 years old. The participants reported for chronic diseases they have at present, if any, along with their daily […]

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Midlife Fitness Reduces Risk of Dementia

Researchers at the Cooper Institute in Dallas found that people who have the highest cardiorespiratory fitness levels during midlife are less likely to develop dementia in their later years, regardless of a history of stroke. Laura F. DeFina, MD, and colleagues report in Annals of Internal Medicine that among about 20,000 individuals who participated in the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study, those who had the highest scores on a treadmill test had a lower risk of developing dementia after age 65, compared to those who got the lowest scores. For the study, the participants’ Medicare records were examined to determine diagnoses […]

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Lose Weight with the Diabetes Prevention Program

Starting June, the Affordable Care Act, which focuses on preventive health, will require most health insurers to make proven weight-loss and behavior-modification programs available without a copayment to obese customers carrying a doctor’s referral. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended last year that doctors refer their obese patients to “intensive, multi-component behavioral interventions” aimed at promoting weight loss and increasing physical activity. It cited only one program that met its strict standards: the Diabetes Prevention Program. The Diabetes Prevention Program was developed at the University of Indiana and was designed to consist of intensive 12-week weight loss phase and […]

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Kids in Daycare More Likely to be Overweight

Researchers at the University of Montreal and the CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital Research Centre reveal that children who regularly attend daycare are at greater risk for becoming obese or overweight compared to those who stay home with their parents. However, they state that the mechanisms responsible for this finding remain are unknown. The researchers interviewed more than 1,600 families with young children born between 1997 and 1998 in Quebec, representing majority of the children in the area. Mothers were regularly interviewed about the care of their children for 4 years, who were then followed for another 6 years. The type of […]

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Lifestyle Factors Increase Diabetes Risk

Long-term follow-up of more than 7000 middle-aged adults without diabetes showed that unhealthy behaviors like excessive weight gain, smoking and heavy drinking may explain almost half of the social disparities in type 2 diabetes. The study which was recently published online on the British Medical Journal looked into socioeconomic and lifestyle related risk factors for diabetes in study participants taking part in the Whitehall II study involving British civil servants, aged 35 to 55 in 1985. An international team of researchers assessed the health behaviors including smoking, alcohol consumption, diet and physical activity, as well as the body mass index, […]

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