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The Two Worst Foods in the World


Posted Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 2015

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Ask 10 people to name the two worst movies ever made and you’ll probably get a lot of different answers. Ishtar? Waterworld? It’s hard to say.

Whether you’re picking movies, books, or politicians, there are so many candidates for awfulness that it’s hard to pick the top two.

But when it comes to food, the choice is easy.

Why You MUST Remove These Two Foods from Your Diet…

Drum roll please….French fries and soda.

Folks, if we took just those two “foods” out of our diet and nothing else, we’d be in a lot better shape than we are today.

I’m not saying we’d all be cured of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease and ready to compete in the Mr. or Ms. Olympia contest, but we’d be a heck of a lot better off than we are now, at least from the standpoint of health.

And here’s why.

Most foods have in them some things that are good for you and some things that are not so good. One food might be high in calories and contain a few grams of sugar, and it might also be high in lycopene and protein so you sometimes have to do a little evaluation to decide whether to eat it.

But with soda and French fries, no such calculus is necessary. Quite simply, there’s nothing good for you in either of them.

The Case Against French Fries…

Now with French fries you might—repeat might—be tempted to make a case that it’s not the worst food in the world, and you’d have a point if only:

1. You were using real, fresh, Idaho potatoes.

2. You were frying in real old fashioned lard (yes, lard).

3. You weren’t using any other ingredients or flavorings.

Then you could make a case that the potatoes aren’t all bad, that the oil isn’t pro-inflammatory, and the resultant food isn’t filled with carcinogens and trans-fats.

But those are not the French fries most of us are eating.

Fast food French fries are potato-like “products.” They’re “seasoned” with flavorings, wheat, salt and sugar, all to make them “super-palatable” (i.e. addictive). They use low-grade frozen potatoes of unknown origin which are then fried in omega-6 vegetable oil which is highly inflammatory.

This oil is then reused time and time again (for about a week) increasing the likelihood that trans fats and carcinogenic compounds will form during the frying and make it onto your potato-like product which you will then dump a ton of salt on and consume in obscene supersized amounts.


The Case Against Soda…

And soda doesn’t have a single ingredient in it—unless you count water—that could possibly do a body any good. Diet sodas are loaded with artificial sweeteners like aspartame (a reasonable case can be made that aspartame’s a neurotoxin), and filled with chemicals and colorings of unpronounceable name and unknown origin.

And the regular sodas are loaded with sugar usually in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, and additional so-called “added sugars” (this is sugar on top of sugar folks) which constitute, at this writing, at least a quarter of our total calories consumed in America. Seven percent come from beverages like soda!

Does it need saying that the only people who deny that sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are mighty contributors to obesity and diabetes are the paid spokespeople from the enormously powerful sugar industry?

So yes, folks, for all these and all of the other reasons you should avoid high-calorie, high-glycemic foods of no nutritional value, you should drop French fries and sodas.

People like to point out how confusing nutrition advice is since so many experts seem to disagree vehemently with one another, and it can sometimes seem like we can’t agree on anything.

Perhaps, for many things in nutrition, that’s true.

But other than a paid spokesperson for the people who make them, you’ll be hard pressed to find any health professional who will defend French fries or sodas.

Finally, there’s one thing we all agree on.

Drop those two “foods” from your diet, and the guardian angels of your health and well-being will be sending you a heartfelt and passionate “thank you!”


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